Our work / UFC GYM

The Challenge 
We were contracted to be UFC GYM’s digital marketing body for their Australian launch in 2016. With an effective digital strategy that focused on leveraging UFC GYM’s competitive advantage, we increased awareness of this new gym brand nationally, within a highly competitive fitness industry. The task was to first generate Franchisee interest an then develop an effective member acquisition strategy to encourage member sign ups.
Key Objectives
Grow brand awareness, attract franchisees and encourage new member sign ups.
Our Approach
  • Created a two-tiered website approach with a straightforward user-experience to differentiate between franchisee and membership leads, driving relevant interest
  • Set up additional digital infrastructure including; social media profiles, eDM platform, cloud storage, analytics, and advertising platforms
  • Launched the brand in line with a major UFC event in Australia. Creating social conversation to capitalise on the hype generated as well as placing the UFC GYM brand in relevant channels (search, display and social) where interest was high
  • Created an ongoing social media campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that highlighted UFC GYM’s competitive advantage through #TrainDifferent
  • Attracted franchisee and member interest via a heightened brand awareness achieved through targeted search, display and social campaigns focusing specifically on user acquisition
The Result
  • 20,000+ followers across social media
  • Millions of people reached with UFC GYM content
  • 1,000s of expressions of interest for franchising and member opportunities
  • 11 clubs open to date and expanding fast