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The Challenge 
The 'Eat Well Go' campaign was a massive task undertaken by Ripe that repositioned the Subway® brand and helped to rebuild the brand love for Subway® Australia and New Zealand. The campaign reminded consumers that by eating well, they will have more energy to get on and get the most out of life, with Subway® fuelling them with the energy they need to GO!
Key Objectives
To reposition the Subway® brand and rebuild brand love.
Our Approach
Ripe built a fully integrated campaign across Video, Digital, Outdoor, Social, Promotion, Social Influencers, Radio and In-store including store redesigns.


The Ripe team utilised Mindsight, a leading global neuroscience tool from Sprout Research, to delve deep into consumers’ emotional psyche, develop an effective campaign and to develop effective tools for further research into the Subway® audience.
With Ripe’s guidance, Subway launched an ‘Eat Well Go…’ social media campaign where audience engagement was encouraged through a content driven social promotion where users were encouraged to submit a video or image on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag ‘#EatWellGo’ with the best content winning $10,000 towards making their ultimate ‘Go’ come true!
The user-generated content from the initial social media campaign influenced the evolution of the Eat Well Go webpages. A video of user generated content was created that brought together content from fans of Subway® from both the Australian and New Zealand audiences, forming the focal point of the Eat Well Go Landing Page. Surrounding this video was highlighted content and illustrations created by the Ripe team, that all tied in with the new brand positioning.
Ripe worked with Emotive to build the largest social influencer campaign Australia had ever seen with five different social media influencers helping to spread the word of Eat Well Go across five weeks.
The result
Ripe’s work to reposition the Subway® brand and the launch of the ‘Eat Well Go…’ communication platform was recognised globally and improved the brand health of Subway®.