Our work / Stellarossa

The Challenge 
Stellarossa sought marketing assistance to move their business forward, grow sales and re-energise their brand. They wanted to take a stronger brand approach and understand how they can compete more effectively. They knew their website needed work, as did their in-store designs, menus and social media approach for all stores.
This was our challenge – to truly understand their business, what their brand stood for and how to execute their brand more effectively and consistently by improving their marketing material.
Key Objectives
To inspire more people to experience the Stellarossa Coffee brand; to give the brand back its “wow” factor so the current stores can be more profitable and further store expansions achieved.
Our Approach
  • Build a brand foundation strategy to clearly define the brand, its offerings, its personality, its customers, its competitors and establish a key business vision
  • Clearly define their brand position by undertaking market and competitive reviews, testing and conducting research, and finalising a brand positioning framework
  • Establish a brand architecture from which to build the creative platform, bringing together all the key information to create a brand essence that drives the business and the creative output
  • Develop a creative platform that encapsulates the essence of the brand, including logo and tagline review and specific brand guidelines
We Uncovered
  • Stellarossa had established a very strong brand platform upon which to build from a unique position in the market.
  • At the heart of their brand, was the coffee experience, creating special moments every day
  • The store experience and menu needed to be enhanced
The result
  • Clear brand positioning was established showing that the brand consideration was high but the brand connection needed to become a priority
  • Introduction of a new creative direction to be implemented across all stores – #stellamoments
  • Launch of a new spring menu with fully integrated in-store marketing collateral