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The Challenge

The lotteries business is a fast-moving industry, with new draws and winners occurring on a daily basis. As a result, there is a constant flow of information and stories that are of interest to the media. The Lott required a solution to enable journalists and other media outlets to quickly and simply gain access to the Lott news stories and content. The current process of sharing content between the Lott team and journalists was slow and ineffective and very time-consuming.

The solution needed to be user-friendly, intuitive and enable large data files to be stored and in the case of video content to be streamed efficiently. Essentially an online hub for all Lotto media release content was required across the Lott brand and all game brands such as Oz Lotto, Instant Scratch Its, Lucky Lotteries and Powerball.

Key Objectives

To build an online solution to enable the media to quickly and easily access the Lott media releases, images and video content for all Lotto games and state jurisdictions (e.g. Golden Casket, Tatts, NSW Lotteries etc).

Our Approach

We designed and developed an online Media Centre where the Lott staff were able to upload Media Releases, Photos, Video Content and Fact Sheets related to each Lott game brand and simply and easily allocate content to game brands and state jurisdictions. Journalists can visit the site, easily locate content through brand filtering or keyword searching, then view, download or share content via email or social media.

A key UX function is the ‘active filter’ enabling users to filter content based on the brand they are looking for at the press of a simple button. This feature allows the Media Centre to maintain usability no matter how much content is uploaded.

Key technologies used in development;

  1. PHP/WordPress for content
  2. .NET for media processing
  3. Azure Media Services for delivering audio/video

A combination of the above technology helped create a seamless, fast and positive user experience.

The Result

The Lott Media Centre is now a vital cog in the Lott’s PR department’s arsenal. They can quickly and easily disseminate information to all interested parties within minutes. It has been an enormous step forward in delivering to the fast-paced news cycle that we all live in today.

We were also able to gain approval for the Media Centre to become a Google News source, the first in its category. This inclusion has helped increase the viewability of content across the web.