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The Challenge 
Executive Health Solutions contracted Ripe to work with them to clearly position the EHS brand in the market alongside the launch of their new 'personalised' version of EHS called Life First. A complete redesign of the EHS website was required along with the design and development of a web presence for Life First. With these two initiatives in the pipeline, an all-encompassing brand plan was needed for Ripe to uncover, leverage and execute the competitive advantage for Executive Health Solutions and the new Life First.
Key Objectives
To revitalise the Executive Health Solutions brand and launch a new brand Life First and reach new customers through new website design, content plan, and search marketing strategy.
Our Approach
To ensure a holistic approach was taken, Ripe conducted a brand foundation workshop in Sydney to uncover the key brand insights and overarching business goals. Once the company’s competitive advantage was discerned, Ripe clarified the role of the new website and provided creative briefs for our internal creative and development teams to design and build the output.
The Result
  • Through strategic planning and tight deadlines, a sophisticated, clean and informative website was designed, developed and launched within 4 weeks of the initial brief
  • A 20% increase in total visitors to the redesigned EHS website with no increase in advertising expenditure was achieved
  • Life First was launched and the new business has been growing strongly from day one and has now firmly found its place in the market

We are exceptionally happy with Ripe's approach, the results and the successful launch of our first consumer brand Life First.

— John Hall, CEO, Executive Health Solutions