Ripe gets a facelift and a new face

Ripe gets a facelift and a new face

It’s an inevitable fact of life that things change and evolve with the passing of time. Sometimes this can be for the worse ­– like Australia’s prevailing love affair with MAFS, or, as we like to look at the positives in life, for the better – like outgrowing the awkwardness of puberty or John Howard’s eyebrows.

And just like John Howard’s eyebrows, we’ve been continually refining and reshaping Ripe as a business for over 14 years, all aimed at delivering the best possible work for our clients. During that time, we’ve grown in size and also reduced in size (by design) as we continually adapt and recalibrate to ensure we stay true to working with clients to make a positive difference. We always take the time to reflect, learn and remind ourselves why we love what we do so much.

Fortunately, this love for what we do continues, thanks to some fantastic clients and work that we’ve been very proud to deliver. We constantly reflect on the type of business we want to be, the clients we want to work with and the ambitions we have for Ripe as the future rolls on. The thing that never changes though is that we want our team to enjoy their work and we want to provide a culture that supports great ideas. We want to produce work that truly makes an impact and we want to help grow businesses that we believe in. We want to put people at the heart of everything we do, connecting what’s important to them to the heart of our client’s brand. And lastly, we want to continue learning and improving with everything we do.

Because of this, and the way people now interact, communicate and spend time, we decided Ripe was in a need of a facelift to reflect all of that. We’ve given our brand a modern make over and changed the way we talk about ourselves. The key takeaways……we’re an independent marketing agency that that works closely with business owners, marketing teams and senior leaders to help connect their brand with people, find their competitive edge and leverage it in an engaging way. We are Thinkers + Makers, specialising in brand consultancy, digital strategy and creative production. We have over 14 years’ experience working closely with brands like Subway, UFC GYM, Priestley’s, Telstra and The Lott (Australia’s Official Lotteries) to develop and execute ideas that help business grow.

In line with this evolution we’ve also made a key hire to boost our profile for clients and help with our long-term business strategy. It gives us great pleasure to welcome Jacob Broman-Minish, who’s joined us as head of strategic partnerships. Jacob’s got international experience in the industry having worked with clients across Europe, America and in Sydney. His behavioural research and strategic experience is a perfect fit for our brand led strategic approach with clients and we know he’ll make a great addition to our team.

We’re excited about Ripe’s future and look forward to sharing its success with you and the work we deliver for our clients. For now, we’ve got our heads down and bums up and are focused on delivering what we have planned for the next few years.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ripe and some of the marketing projects we’ve worked on then please get in contact, we’d love to chat.