Our marketing approach starts with your customer relationship. Understanding them. Identifying what role your brand plays in their life. Discovering why they choose you over your competition. And how you can attract more and keep them!

It all starts with an effective brand and marketing plan. Ripe will help you build a strategic roadmap to uncover, leverage and execute the competitive advantage in your business

"If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete." - Jack Welch CEO General Electric"

Brand Discovery
Brand Cultivation
Brand Growth
Brand Harvest

Brand Foundation

A brand foundation starts with an insightful workshop to dig, poke and prod your key business insights to:

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  • A brand foundation starts with an insightful workshop to dig, poke and prod your key business insights to:
  • Uncover the key difference/s between your brand and the competition.
  • Create a framework for your brand to live within, allowing you to develop and communicate your brand personality and point of difference.
  • Turn your competitive advantage into engaging consumer strategies to help you attract more customers and increase your revenue.

Are all your brand assets singing from the same song sheet? Are they working together to paint a picture to help drive your business forward?

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Is your target market clearly defined and are you focused on reaching them in the most effective manner?

Our marketing audit will complete an end to end review of your current marketing approach, advise on what to change and construct a plan to get you moving in the right direction

Is your brand positioned distinctly from your competitors? What makes you truly stand out from the crowd? Our Brand Positioning process will:

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Clearly establish where the brand sits in relation to competitors, as perceived by your customers.

Understand what’s truly unique about the product you’re offering!

Define WHO your target market is and WHAT they expect from your brand and business

A brand architecture allows you to clearly establish your brand personality to assist in driving all your creative output. At the centre of this is your brand essence – the emotional heart of your brand.

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Defining this allows you to stay focused on all output and engage with your customers in a manner reflective of your brand.

Market Research

We conduct both quantitative and qualitative market research to validate your brand positioning and competitive advantage with your customers, your employees, your franchisees, and even your competitors.

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We use a range of research techniques including phone/face to face interviews, discussion groups, online surveys, and mystery shops.

Marketing Plan Development

Once you’ve validated your brand positioning and competitive advantage, the development of a marketing plan creates a roadmap with clear direction and actions your business should take to grow.

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This is a critical process before moving into brand growth. We’ll outline your core objectives, formulate relevant strategies and set out your action plans.

Communication Strategy

This is often the forgotten strategy but the most important. What is the role of your communication? What are you trying to achieve?

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What customer insight are you engaging with? How will you communicate your competitive advantage?

A communication strategy will give complete clarity of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW to maximise any investment and create effective campaigns.

Creative Strategy

At the core of any creative strategy, is turning your brand essence into a creative idea… a powerful, engaging, single-minded idea that talks directly to the heart of your customer. 

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It is critical to start with a creative strategy before executing any piece of communication. 

Without having a strong creative idea, you run the risk of inconsistent output that dilutes your brand and erodes your competitive advantage.

Channel Strategy

A channel strategy is a framework that outlines which communication channels to use, where and when to use them, and how the core creative idea can be expressed.

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We consider all channels, above, below and through the line to ensure the most effective marketing program is executed in order to inject new life into your brand!

Marketing Implementation

Ripe Marketing can manage all your marketing implementation including asset development, creative development, media placement, and full campaign management.

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A critical role we often play is to develop a brief to guide all creative and digital production.

A brief is the connection point between a well-crafted strategy and all creative output. It plays a critical role in guiding creative and digital thinking and guaranteeing that all output maintains focus on your brand essence.