Franchise Marketing

Seeding growth and scaling in franchise business.

Franchise marketing requires a unique skill set when compared to traditional corporate and small business marketing. The biggest differences are in the groups of stakeholders that form part of the franchise network. For any business, large or small to be successful, all stakeholders must remain fully engaged in the brand in order to deliver a consistent outcome to the consumer.

Delivering on your brand promise is paramount!
We are experts in helping you do this as effectively as possible.

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Traditional vs Franchise Marketing

A franchised system is built on franchisees buying into your brand. They are investing their money into your business. Straight away, they have skin in the game and have a say in your business. From this point, a traditional marketing approach is ineffective! Franchisees are key to delivering the customer experience and critical to any success of your marketing!

Traditional stakeholders

Franchise stakeholders

Key differences

  • You have two sets of customers – Franchisees and Consumers.
  • Communication is key! Engaged franchisees is critically important.
  • Decision-making is much more complex! Data based decisions are critical in taking varying opinions off the table.
  • Control and consistency in your brand delivery. Must have systems and processes in place.

Your franchisees must embrace your brand as much as your marketing team, and be willing to fight for it!

Recognising that your franchisees are a critically important part of your marketing and the key to the successful execution of your marketing plan is paramount. That’s the significant difference to traditional marketing. You either love it or hate it! At Ripe, we love Franchisee marketing. We have lived and breathed it for many years and relish in these challenges!

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Do your franchisees know what your brand really stands for? What they are fighting for? Are all your brand assets singing from the same song sheet? These are just a few questions that will help you improve your franchisee marketing.

Our franchise marketing experience extends from the development of full marketing and communication plans for franchise brands large and small, right through the management of local market franchisee groups. Keeping stakeholders educated and engaged in the brand is critical and good communication internally and externally is a key ingredient of Ripe’s franchise marketing success.

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