Today it’s more important than ever to have your businesses digital footprint firing on all cylinders. If it’s not, your losing customers, brand loyalty and ultimately your bottom line is suffering. If this is you, don’t worry you are not alone and with the right advice you can be back on track and positioned for long term success.

The first place to start is with a complete digital audit. This involves a thorough analysis of all your digital consumer touchpoints, the technology you use to facilitate the conversation between you and your customers and the conversation you are having or attempting to have.

When undertaking a digital audit we analyse the below:

  1. Website experience, structure, SEO set up and responsiveness
  2. Conversion & analytics across website and advertising tactics
  3. Social media presence, set up and content approach
  4. Search visibility and performance
  5. Email communication strategy and content
  6. Email communication technology and integration


One we have completed the audit of your current position we will then provide an easy to follow action list inclusive of the items you need focus on.

A digital audit will get you on the road to:

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • An improved search ranking
  • Better use of social media
  • Increased traffic and customer engagement
  • Improved brand image, engagement and customer loyalty
  • and ultimately more your conversions, more customer and more sales


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