Ripe was contracted to be UFC GYM’s digital marketing body for their Australian launch in 2016. With effective digital marketing strategies that focused on UFC GYM’s competitive advantage, Ripe increased awareness of the GYM nationally, amongst a highly competitive fitness industry. A targeted focus was directed at franchisee lead generation and member growth.


To grow brand awareness, attract franchisees and gain new members by leveraging the growing UFC audience


The approach was simple but effective:

  • Designed a two-tiered website approach with a straightforward user-experience, to differentiate between franchisee and membership leads
  • Launched the brand in line with a major UFC event in Australia. Creating social conversation to capitalise on the hype generated as well as placing the UFC GYM brand in relevant channels (search & display) where interest was high
  • Created an ongoing social media campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that highlighted UFC GYM’s competitive advantage through #TrainDifferent
  • Attracted potential franchisee and member interest via a heightened brand awareness achieved through the above as well as targeted search, display and social campaigns focusing specifically on user acquisition


  • 5000+ followers across social media
  • 2,000,000+ people reached with UFC GYM content
  • 1,000s of expressions of interest for franchising and member opportunities

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  • Brand Foundation
  • Brand Positioning
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Digital/Social Strategy
  • Immersive Content and Amplification
  • Social Media Production & Management
  • Website & Social Reporting
  • Website Design & Development

UFC GYM website and dashboard UX design and development

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Ripe was brought onboard by Johnny Rockets to assist in launching this well established and loved US brand into the competitive burger market in Australia. This required a full team commitment to deliver an over-arching brand architecture, detailed marketing plans, digital strategies and creative production.


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Executive Health Solutions were launching their new Wellbeing Index, a clear differentiator from their competition. Ripe’s role was to redesign their website to help leverage this competitive advantage, resulting in over 20% increase in visitation.

As UFC GYM’s digital marketing partner to launch into Australia, Ripe focused on their key competitive advantage resulting in more Franchisee leads that they could manage as well as increasing brand awareness, all before the first gym opened!