Ripe was excited to partner with Johnny Rockets, a global brand with a passion for delivering quality burgers, delicious shakes and crispy fries! The potential to launch the brand here was immense with a strong brand platform already in place overseas. It was important to leverage this brand equity into the Australian market, whilst still delivering a consistent brand experience in line with the global brand.

Johnny Rockets partnered with Ripe for marketing, digital and creative assistance to launch their brand into Australia, and to drive awareness and traffic for the first store opening at the Emporium, Fortitude Valley, laying the foundation for future store openings. Ripe worked with all Johnny Rockets’ stakeholders, including Johnny Rocket marketers from the US, to set up a brand framework tailored to the Australian market and lay down a communication platform to launch from. A digital architecture was also designed and a launch strategy crafted in preparation for the first store opening.


To inspire more people to experience the Johnny Rockets brand and bring to life their brand proposition; to enjoy the world’s best burgers with cheerful service, upbeat music and a relaxed, fun atmosphere.


Brand Strategy Development

  • Establish a solid brand foundation via Research, Workshops and Presentation to stakeholders
  • Perform Market and Competitive reviews further tailoring the brand position
  • Develop a strong brand architecture framework from which to base all future work around

Develop a Communication & Digital Strategy

  • Develop a communication strategy and overarching plan
  • Develop a creative strategy resulting in a Creative Brief, Creative Production, Presentations and Testing
  • Develop a Channel strategy to build awareness and drive traffic for store opening
  • Social content strategy was developed reinforcing the key brand truths
  • Social advertising was used to put the Johnny Rockets brand and opening soon message in front of people with an interest in similar brands and products within a tight radius around the first store location
  • Using a tactical search approach, we placed Johnny Rockets in front of people who were searching for burgers within that same radius, for competitors or for lunch and dinner options in their local area. Capitalising on those micro-moments that occur every day
  • Ripe developed an incentivised email signup to set the scene for ongoing brand loyalty

Creative Production

  • A creative look and feel was developed from the ground up to ensure consistency in the Johnny Rockets brand was actioned from day one
  • The brand personality was put into words, tone and pictures to ensure all channels communicated a consistent brand message
  • Extensive Brand Guidelines were developed for all future production
  • Store and product photography was actioned to start a library of assets for social media, website, in-store menus and outdoor advertising
  • All social assets were created along with a new website for Australia that reflected the brand within this country
  • A radio promotion was developed with Nova Brisbane to drive awareness, a consumer database and excitement about the first Johnny Rocket store opening in Brisbane


  • Clear brand positioning established showing increased brand awareness and record sales achieved exceeding all targets!
  • Outstanding digital results achieved; key highlights were:
    • 200,000+ people reached and 1,000,000+ content impressions served
    • 1500+ clicks via search advertising with 500+ people requesting directions to the store
    • 20,000+ visitors to the Johnny Rockets website
    • 1000+ database sign ups

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  • Brand Foundation
  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Research
  • Communication Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Channel Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Social Media
  • UX & UI Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Retail Point of Sale Design
  • Photography
  • Customer Acquisition


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