Axis Rehab was seeking a new website that effectively combined both their B2B and B2C product offers. As the industry Axis operates in is extremely competitive, it was important that their website showcased their point of difference within the marketplace.


To refresh the Axis Rehab website and effectively communicate their product offering to two distinctly differently customers


  • First, we needed to understand their business back to front and get to the real reason a customer would choose Axis over their competition. To do this we conducted a brand foundation workshop with key stake holders through different touchpoints within the business
  • Taking what we learned from the brand foundation workshop and other pieces of business collateral we developed a brand positioning and brand architecture for Axis which lead us to uncovering their true competitive advantage.
  • Once the competitive advantage was uncovered, we could then with confidence determine what set Axis apart, the story we needed to tell through the website, the website structure, content and overall creative look and feel.


  • A new website that effectively communicated Axis Rehabs competitive advantage. The real reason customer would choose Axis over their competition.

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  • Brand Foundation
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development

"Gina and the team at Ripe deeply listened to what we stand for and they were able to simply communicate what truly makes our business different. This simple message is powerful and empowering and is now the foundation of our whole marketing strategy across every platform."

– Managing Director, Axis Physiotherapy

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